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Johnson Paints And Chemicals is a leading company from Eastern India

We dare to be different. We do observe what others do‚Ķbut only to decide what we should not be doing. It Ingredients: White Cement + Polymers + Fillers to make it smooth and reduce the need of curing. The product has now become very common and almost every new construction be it private home or commercial construction, the market has adopted the product blindly.

The over smoothness of Jaipur Diamond wall putty & Royal Touch Advance wall putty surface reduces the consumption of the paint. This means that it also reduces the Dry Film Thickness of the Paint when applied on the Putty. What it effectively does is that the minimum recommended quantity required for the paint to perform specially on the exterior surface per square feet is reduced to half. So it also adds the life and performance to the paint. As the minimum material required to form a protective layer to withstand Sun Rays, Rain and the air pollution effectively is not there. Due to the over smoothness of the Putty surface the Consumption is only 40% of the recommended material required for the expected performance of paints .
The Perception is that it provides a very smooth surface which reduces the consumption of Paint.

We are not scared to venture on the un-trodden path, as only by doing so we will continue to be innovative, nimble footed and continue to surprise you with regularity.

We are the great and to supply you great .We are Johnson Paints And Chemicals.

Suraksha plus

Suraksha plus water proof cement paint

Asian Cement Paint

Asian Cement Paint Water proof cement Paint

Royal Touch Advance

Royal Touch Advance water proof cement paint

Apex Plus

Apex Plus water proof cement paint

Jaipur Diamond

Jaipur Diamond Protective basecoat for Wall Paints

Royal Touch Advance

Royal Touch Advance Wall Putty


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